Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dogs we've owned and loved!

We have known and loved many dogs and I have to mention them here!

First was Cinnamon, a mixed breed adopted from the SPCA. Unfortunately, due to my dad's allergies, I had her only for a month.

The first dog that I got to keep was Lucky, an American Eskimo. I got him in Grade 8! He lived to 14 years old. He was a wonderful trick dog and I loved doing agility with him.

April was the next dog I got the pleasure of owning. I adopted her at 6 months old from the SPCA. She was a sweet girl that looked like a miniature Shepherd and had gorgeous coloring! Later when we moved away from the acreage, we had to give her away to a good acreage home.

Sara was Dan's dog when we got married. She was a hyper mixed breed. Sara was wonderful at pulling and I had a lot of fun teaching her FLYBALL!

Dante was our wonderful calm boy. We rescued him as our first year Anniversary gift to each other! We don't know what kind of mix he was. He was very consistent in agility, but a bit under the course time.

We got this cute puppy from our friends. Her mom was a Border Collie X. Wag lived with us for a short while. When I found out I was pregnant with my second baby, we just knew we didn't have the proper time to spend attention to all our dogs, so found this energetic girl a good acreage home.

Our next dog was Tango, was a Lab X Golden Retriever. She was extremely shy and scared and training her in agility did a lot to help her become more confident. Sadly, she started running around with the neighbor's dog and got hit by a car.

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