Thursday, June 3, 2010

Before & After - puppy!

Ok, while I was on the topic of Before & After cards, it made me think of doing a before and after dog picture.

Our dog (Cocker X Cavalier) just went to the groomer a week or so ago. Here's the before and after pics.

Now I KNOW you'll agree that she looks terribly cute in BOTH pictures! (Which she is!)

Kia is almost a year and a half. We're really looking forward to getting involved in Agility and Flyball again after we move!


jimlynn said...

If Kia isn't just THE CUTEST!!!! And yes, I agree, he's precious before AND after!

Robyn said...

Hi Trish! Can't say I love dogs....but if I had to have one...this would be the one I want! She is gorgeous!I seem to have missed some of your recent posts- love what you have been doing-especially the "stepped up" version!
btw where are you moving to?

Joanne Travis said...

SO cute!! She looks much happier after her visit to the beauty parlor!! I love dogs, they really make me happy. Thanks for sharing the cute pics, Trish!

Marisa said...

What a cute fur baby :D