Saturday, August 27, 2011

Operation Christmas Child - 4

Here are my finds for the Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes I'm making.
I took advantage of some back to school sales.

I got Pencil Crayons (with sharpener) for $1.24. I got packs of paper for 25 cents. I also got some packs of pencils and I bought Rubbermaid boxes to put everything in.

Operation Christmas Child does provide boxes, but I just thought it would be a useful item for them to have a good sturdy box. When I was volunteering last year, I asked about different shaped boxes (or backpacks) and they don't mind at all if people use them. I even saw a really nice TOOL box that was packed with stuff for a boy. And some people used backpacks too!

Some things to remember when packing your shoeboxes:
- don't send anything that will break (mirrors, glass, etc)
- don't send any liquids (not even shampoo or toothpaste)
- the ONLY type of food or candy you can send is HARD candy!
- NO USED items
- nothing that will scare or harm a child (no toy guns, etc)

These are SHIPPING REGULATIONS that Samaritan's Purse must abide by in order to deliver these boxes to other countries.

If you want to check out this fun project to help kids you can look at the link here (this is the Canadian site, but I believe they also do this through the US)

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