Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ejoy challenge this week

My Ejoy Variety Challenge for you this week is to take time to think about and make genuine and meaninful encouragements to those around you. You could comment on people's creative works. You can let your children know how special they are. Notice something great about your spouse and encourage them. Everyone needs to be loved. Each person may have a different way which love is expressed more meaninfully to them. It could be:
- encouraging words
- spending time with them
- doing something for them
- giving gifts
- touch

This week and throughout this season I hope you will ENCOURAGE JOY!

Hope you have a wonderful season where stress doesn't get the best of you. After all, we should enjoy Christmas, right?!

{If you want a card-making challenge you can see my posts for Ejoy challenges from previous weeks and complete one of those}

1 comment:

Kristen said...

This is a GREAT challenge. Especially during this time when the world seems so hectic! We forget what the season is about in our mad dash to spend, spend, spend. I hope you have a richly blessed New Year and a Wondrous Holiday season...
Merry Christmas,