Friday, February 25, 2011

Operation Christmas Child - 2

I went shopping with my kids to get some more stuff for Operation Christmas Child - shoeboxes. Here's what I found this month...

- soap
- bandages (this was an idea I got from when I volunteered this year)
- balls
- activity books
- stuffed teddies

I wanted to show you my cute safari. I couldn't believe it - they were on sale - less than 30 cents each! I find it hard to find nice little stuffed teddies for $1, so this was sure a great find!

Here's the link for Operation Christmas Child if you need it.

I'm finding it really fun to do this throughout the year. Then I can look for sales and be able to make more boxes!

1 comment:

Joanne Travis said...

Awesome finds, Trish! These will bring some joy to the recipients, a very lovely and heartwarming project to be working on all year.